Swept away by current, Australian surfer found dead at G-Land Banyuwangi

It is not surprising that the waves at Plengkung Beach are recognized worldwide. Many tourists from abroad vacation on this beach and surf at the same time. In fact, this beach which directly faces the Indian Ocean is known as a surfer’s paradise.

Apart from being called Plengkung Beach, this beach in Banyuwangi is also known as G-Land. One of the reasons is because the letter G leads to Grajagan Bay.

The letter G is also taken from the word Green, because Plengkung Beach is a Green Forest, surrounded by expanses of tropical forest and lowland forests that are still beautiful.

The letter G also comes from Great, describing large and long beach waves. The waves at Plengkung Beach are very popular with surfers.

Another opinion is that it is called G-Land because the shape of Plengkung Beach is similar to the letter G. Even though the meanings are different, it does not change the essence and beauty of a beach holiday.

Foreign tourists are more familiar with Plengkung Beach as G-Land. So, if you are abroad and meet surfers and ask for recommendations on the best beaches for surfing, G-Land Banyuwangi is the answer.