Heartbreaking reason south coast family is desperate to sell home

Selling their much loved family home has turned into a life or death proposition for the Young family.

Dad, Jase, 37, was diagnosed with a brain tumor six years ago and, after multiple surgeries, and recent complications from a respiratory illness, has been fighting for every breath.

The father of three’s rare and complex breathing condition has complicated local doctors and his family has had to turn to the Mayo Clinic in the United States for help.

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He is simultaneously seeking radiation therapy for the rapidly growing tumor in his brain to avoid advanced surgery that would likely paralyze half his face.

The tumor is swelling in size despite two earlier operations. The operations severely damaged the nerves in his neck, leaving the former tradition and cafe owner in debilitating pain.

The Young family, including Jase and Emma, ​​with kids Georgie, 7, Lenny, 6, and Tully, 2.

A recent tracheotomy has limited his ability to speak and wife Emma says that selling their dream home in Kiama Downs on the south coast has become their only hope.

“This is what’s going to determine what we can do next,” she said.

Ms Young said their lives over the last six years have been one “scary” challenge after another.

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“The scariest thing was in November, when he had an airway collapse,” he said.

“He was in the kitchen, where all the kids were, just gasping for breath. It was just the most confronting thing seeing him suffer like that. He was in hospital two months.”

Doctor’s have been complicated by some of Jase Young’s health issues.

Ms Young added that being the full-time carer for Jase and their children Georgie, 7, Lenny, 6, and Tully, 2, has taken an emotional toll.

“I was just exhausted,” she said.

“At the end of 2022 we have to let go of our business. It’s stressful enough running a business normally, we just couldn’t do it anymore.

“I was going to return to work late last year and was interviewing for jobs when Jase’s breathing issues started … we’re selling our family home to take some of the pressure off us financially.”

The couple, originally from Sydney’s St George region, bought the home in 2016 to make a sea-change and undergo a major renovation.

The family are selling their Kiama Downs home to take the financial pressure off.

The home includes a gym and pool.

The five-bedroom home on an 828 sqm block on Holt St, which goes to auction March 27, includes a pool, gym and a studio with its own bathroom.

The Palm Springs-inspired home has glimpses of water and is a short stroll from Jones Beach.

The couple have a GoFundMe page but accepting help has been an adjustment for Jase considering how hardworking he was before his health battles, Ms Young said.

“Jase is very unwell but a really big thing for him too is that he hates not working. He is very determined and motivated.

“Knowing he may have some of these struggles for the rest of his life, his mentality has affected him. He wants to be a provider for his three children.

Jase Young spent two months in hospital struggling to breathe.

“We’re trying to stay hopeful. Jase has an open airway. He can’t be exposed to germs and viruses. Covid is a real risk. He doesn’t go outside much. He gets very tired.

“We don’t even want to think about where we will live once we sell the house. We’re just trying to take it one step at a time.”