East Renfrewshire tops UK for selling homes above list price

Getamover analyzed Zoopla data, comparing average sale prices to listing prices and found that East Renfrewshire had the highest number of properties sold above their listed price.

An average home in East Renfrewshire initially lists for about £235,479, yet sells for an average of £272,187, showing an increase of £36,708 for potential buyers who are looking to purchase a house in this area.

David Burrows, head of Getamover, said: “Buying a home is expensive no matter where in the UK you choose to settle down, but a fantastic investment, this study gives huge insight into the most desired areas of the country and where you might find yourself having to pay rather a lot more than the original list price.

“Interestingly, despite London being the most populous city in the UK, it struggles to sell homes above the original list price compared to similar popular areas such as Manchester and Glasgow, which rank higher in the rankings.

“House prices are also affected by the seasons. Prices are higher at certain times of the year, often spiking in the summer months, especially July, in comparison to the colder months especially after the Christmas period.

“It has been found that there are more buyers in the market in spring and summer which means prices do not need to be discounted.”