The Land Cruiser Se was introduced in Tokyo as a replacement for agent 007

Jakarta (ANTARA) – A number of interesting news from ANTARA’s Lifestyle, Entertainment, Techno and Automotive channels on Sunday (22/10), including: Toyota will introduce the Land Cruiser BEV will be introduced at JMS 2023 Tokyo, YouTube develops AI, and replaces Daniel Craig as agent 007.

Here’s the summary:

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will introduce a number of the latest technology models ranging from the BEV Landcruiser Se to space vehicles which are planned to be exhibited at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (JMS) in Tokyo, Japan.

Based on official information received in Jakarta, Sunday, Toyota’s iconic three-row SUV concept model will be introduced using battery-based power or a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), which will be named the Land Cruiser Se.

Chinese science fiction writers and artists scored big wins at this year’s Hugo Awards.

Chinese writer Hai Ya won the award in the best novelette category for “The Space-Time Painter”, while renowned computer graphics artist Zhao Enzhe won the award in the best professional artist category.

YouTube is reportedly developing tools new artificial intelligence based or artificial intelligence (AI) which allows users to create video content using the voices of famous people or world musicians.

Billboard reports that the company is currently in talks with several record labels to negotiate permission to use artists’ intellectual property.

Some parents may be annoyed to see their children scribbling on the walls, although many also understand and ignore it. So, how should parents respond to children’s behavior like that?

Indonesian animator who is also the founder of HelloMotion Academy Wahyu Aditya shares tips for parents in facilitating children who like to doodle as a form of expression.

It’s been two years since actor Daniel Craig hung up his Omega gun and watch after the release of “No Time to Die”, James Bond filmmakers have yet to find a replacement for Craig to play Agent 007.

Producer Barbara Broccoli, quoted in Sunday’s Guardian, said there was a “huge road ahead” before the character was reinvented for the next chapter, even though executives had yet to modernize the film franchise.

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