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Kyle Sandilands is striking a blow for struggling renters through a ‘revolutionary’ new business venture.

The radio king has a 95 per cent stake in Zero Bonds, which bills itself as ‘The Ultimate Rental Bond Solution’.

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ZeroBonds offers renters the opportunity to forgo paying bonds.

Zero Bonds offers tenants the opportunity to forgo the traditional four-week rental bond in favor of instead paying an application fee and percentage of their total bond value.

Sandilands was motivated to start the business to help out struggling tenants during the cost of living and housing crisis.

He has previously spoken of his own housing troubles, revealing he was homeless at 15, due to a broken home.

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“You may not know this,” Sandilands said when he was a judge on Australian Idol in 2021.

“But I was homeless when I was 15 for a year, it wasn’t easy.”

“And getting out of that situation and making your life matter, that’s impressive, just getting out of that situation, because most people don’t.”

07/25/2005.  Radio and TV personality Kyle Sandilands on the eve of his Australian Idol debut as a judge.

Sandilands has revealed he was homeless at 15.

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“It’s not easy, you don’t want to run around. It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes.”

The ZeroBonds website points to the issues many Australians have when renting.

“We know how stressful and expensive it can be to move home. Upfront costs like security bonds and processing fees really pile up, making the whole process financially crippling for tenants and a headache for landlords,” the website reads.

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“It can make anyone want to give up and stay put.

“We make it our mission to simplify renting for everyone involved. For approved tenants, we massively reduce the cost of moving into a new home. For landlords, we cut through the noise to find qualified, reliable and respectful tenants to occupy your property.

“Free yourself from unnecessary costs and join the rental revolution.”

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Sandilands and wife Tegan bought a new home late last year.

Tenants can make a claim via the ZeroBonds website, while landlords can register to be involved.

The application fee for tenants is $24. Renters are also charged a one-off fee of 14.5 per cent of their bond amount.

Those days of homelessness were a long time ago now for the very successful media personality Sandilands.

Last year he bought a $14m trophy home in exclusive Vaucluse, one of the country’s richest postcodes, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

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