Competitive real estate market leaves home inspectors out in the cold | Top Stories

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Buying a home in Central Wisconsin has become a tall task.

Homes are going for far over asking price with low inventory, and some buyers are even going without inspections.

Which is leaving home inspectors out of the picture, and with such high demand sellers get to be picky.

Deb Hale, Realtor with Coldwell Bankers Action said, “If a seller is looking at two different offers and one has an inspection and one doesn’t they’re going to go with the one that doesn’t if everything else is the same. “

Several inspectors have had to pick up side jobs to make ends meet, or leave their field completely.

Blake Teschner is an area home inspector who has seen first hand how much the industry has taken a hit.

Teschner said, “I don’t know the exact numbers off hand, but you know the state 900 some inspectors 300 some of them didn’t renew their licenses so there’s clearly that’s the ups and downs the ebbs and flows it’s just like anything you ‘re going to have the part time guys getting out.”

This all comes just after a massive spike for home inspectors just a few years ago.

Many had so much business they were turning people away, or taking on multiple clients a day.

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Teschner continued, “If I go back to 17′, 18′, 19′, 20′, those years you know I was able to do two inspections a day you know, heck in 20′ I hired someone who was doing three a day .”

The decline has wiped out much of the primarily self employed industry leaving buyers without the peace of mind of an inspection.