Behind the Facts about East Kutai Declaring its Area as Magic Land, East Kutai East Kutai is one of the districts in East Kalimantan which has just celebrated its 24th anniversary. Coinciding with this anniversary, East Kutai also declared that the area is Magic Land.

This declaration is not without reason. The East Kutai Regency Government believes that the area has great potential. Natural potential starts from under the sea, karst mountains, coastal areas, to lowland areas typical of Kalimantan Island.

Apart from that, the district with an area of ​​35,748 also has abundant natural resources. There is gas and oil, coal, and abundant gold.

East Kutai is the largest district in East Kalimantan which also has 68% preserved forest. To maintain conservation and save the environment, the Eastern Regency Government ensures that there are no illegal miners in its area.

There’s more, East Kutai also has traces of world-famous ancient human history. The Sangkulirang Karst Area is a natural landscape with a karst cluster covering an area of ​​171 thousand hectares surrounded by steep walls, underground caves and natural carvings, as well as green hills.

In this karst area, there is evidence of the existence of prehistoric humans and their activities, such as hand paintings, pictures of boats, and paintings of various types of animals depicted on cave walls. It is said that the painting has existed since 10 thousand years BC.

Another interesting fact is that this giant karst group is a giant underground water reservoir that supplies clean water in East Kutai Regency. With this uniqueness or advantage, the Sangkulirang Karst Area was proposed by the East Kutai Regency Government as one of the earth plantations or geoparks.

Well, because it has high archaeological, ecological and cultural value, the Sangkulirang Karst Area has now been recognized by UNESCO. Apart from that, another reason why East Kutai is called Magic Land is because this area is one of the districts that contributes to state income.

It’s not just gas, coal, gold and petroleum that have high value, many giant companies invest trillions of rupiah in East Kutai, especially in the plantation sector. To maintain sustainability, all natural resources in East Kutai are maintained collaboratively.

If you are curious about what Magic Land East Kutai looks like, watch the video below: